Creating an organizational chart may seem like a trivial task, however for us it serves as the base and structure that enables us to guarantee that correct care is paid to all interactions with our clients. All of this is a crucial base for creating trust, simplifying decisions and guaranteeing a commitment to the market.

In order to guarantee direct and customised care for each of our clients, we have a commercial network with the capacity to directly communicate with the departments of the central headquarters in Spain-Europe.


Our extensive Commercial Network is comprised of two profiles that are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the market. On one hand, there are the Delegates, skilled people who work full-time to provide solutions for Mapner. On the other hand, there are the Representatives. With their specialisation in sectors, they make it possible to offer clients a series of products and complementary services as well as personalised guidance. All of this makes it possible to guarantee direct, professional and personal treatment.