MAPNER’s basic Method of Delivery for the pneumatic pump, which is named the core or free shaft, is aimed at providing a solution and adapting to various needs of the market.

This delivery method is of great interest to our Integrator Clients, who, based on our extensive catalogue of cores or free shafts for different technologies, are able to develop vertical solutions adapted to the needs of a specific sector, application or market. In this way, we once again guarantee that the client is the most important part of our strategy and that every participant in the process provides the client with the greatest value.

Likewise, we can supply maintenance departments with a replacement, repair or change of core very quickly in the case of critical processes or urgent requirements from clients. This delivery can be stored according to the client’s minimum stock requirements, those of our Integrator partner, or the product can be assembled at our factory in a record very short space of time.

Ask your closest Technical Sales Agent for further information.