Turbo Blower

Description and applications: Following an exhaustive market analysis and having consulted our clients we in MAPNER have opted to include in our catalogue this reliable technology that has been contrasted with the most advanced mechanical standards.

As manufacturers, and thanks to the work developed in cooperation with our partner NTT, leading company in new generation turbos, we have included this cutting edge technology which allows us, from the outset, to offer maximum guarantees in a range of flows and pressures complementary to those existing, offering the client the capacity to opt for the best performance for each application.

Our commercial and technical team is at your service day by day, to attend to your queries and demonstrate our commitment before, during and after supply, backed by the best pneumatic rotary pumps in the market. 

Application Ranges

Available Models


Our range of fully equipped centrifugal turbo blowers consists of four different types of housing up to 450 kW motor power installed, which can be customized according to your needs.

All types of housing are available with a compact plug & play container and with all the auxiliary parts included and ready to work, or with a more traditional housing with a modular structure.

The configuration of the drive can be selected: low voltage B3 or B5 (flanged) or intermediate voltage B3.

All MAPNER turbo blower models have blades in the discharge diffuser for exceptional reduction, in addition to 1 or 2 point regulation control.