Turbo Blower

Description and applications:
The result of our strategic alliance with the company Nexturbo Technologies (NTT), leader in the new generation of Turbos, has led to the inclusion in our catalog of products derived from this technology based on the design of an aluminum impeller. Reliable and proven technology with the most advanced mechanical standards, ideal to complement our range of products and to meet market requirements in terms of flows, pressures and performance.

Application Ranges

Available Models


Our range of fully equipped centrifugal turbo blowers consists of four different types of housing up to 450 kW motor power installed, which can be customized according to your needs.

All types of housing are available with a compact plug & play container and with all the auxiliary parts included and ready to work, or with a more traditional housing with a modular structure.

The configuration of the drive can be selected: low voltage B3 or B5 (flanged) or intermediate voltage B3.

All MAPNER turbo blower models have blades in the discharge diffuser for exceptional reduction, in addition to 1 or 2 point regulation control.