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General Sales Conditions

  1. Generalities

1.1. All sales made by MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, will be subjected to these General Conditions. No changes, alterations or agreements contrary to the Sales Proposal of MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, or to what is stipulated here will have effect, except for express agreements in writing signed by the contracting parties, in which case, those particular agreements will take precedence.

1.2. MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, will be able to modify product specifications in relation to information that is provided in its advertising, which may affect the value of the products on offer.

1.3. The identity and address of the provider, product characteristics, price, transport costs and payment methods, are those that feature on the overleaf of these General Conditions.

1.4. By accepting this contract, you declare: -(i)- that you are an adult and that you have the capacity to hire the contract and, -(ii)- that you have read and accept these general conditions. This document may be printed and stored by Clients.

  1. Price and payment methods

2.1. The published pries are valid except in the case of a typing error.
Clients shall be informed, before accepting any order, that the prices, characteristics and availability of the products marketed by MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, can vary as a result of availability

2.2. The product price is that which is in force at the time that MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, accepts the order. Every order is subject to its acceptance by MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U. No orders will be sent by MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U. until it has checked that payment has been made.

2.3. If the Client’s fails to pay, either totally or partially, on the expiry date for one or more deliveries of products, MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, can choose to suspend or cancel any further delivery or outstanding Contract, without incurring liability for any loss or damage, including loss or profit, or damage due to delays or loss of production caused to the Client. The above will not exempt the Client from their outstanding contractual obligations, in relation to payments due and the receipt of products.

2.4. If there is a delay in the receipt or removal of goods by the Client, MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U can store the goods, at the expense and risk of the Client, at their facilities or at those of a third party, and the Client will be obliged to pay any costs incurred by MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U. or the third party.

  1. Delivery Conditions

3.1. Unless agreed otherwise, the delivery of goods will be carried out without prejudice to what is established in the clauses below. Until the goods have left our warehouse, the client is fully entitled to change or cancel their order, except products created personally for the client or that were specifically commissioned for the Client, for which MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U will request the Client to accept a budget or order in writing with the special conditions.

3.2. Delivery will be considered to have taken place at the point when the delivery company has provided the Client with the product and the Client has signed the document to acknowledge receipt of delivery. It is the Client’s responsibility to verify the products upon receiving them and to make any reservations or claims to the deliverer on the receipt of delivery document, or during the 24 hours following receipt, in the event of damage that cannot be seen externally. Alternatively, the delivery can be made before the agreed date, as well as partial deliveries if deemed appropriate which will lead to delivery, passing of risk and charge of the price in relation to said delivery.

3.3. Collection of the products at the MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, facilities is considered to have taken place once the purchase invoice has been signed.

3.4. The delivery period may change, as they are subject to the booking order and the availability and/or supply of goods by suppliers. MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, will inform the Client, as soon as possible, of any delay more than 3 days on from the scheduled date, in order for them to choose whether to keep or cancel the order.

3.5. MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, will be held responsible for a failure to comply with its obligations, when this incompliance is the result of unforeseeable events, or events that although foreseeable, were inevitable, or impediments outside of its control (in the case of force majeure as well as acts of God), including among others, actions by the government or the Administration, the company’s own strikes, or those of third parties or general ones, lockouts, civil disorder, earthquakes and any other natural disaster, the lack of or impossibility of obtaining raw materials, supplies or equipment, the failure of the facilities to function, etc.

3.6. Except for the provisions of the General Conditions, MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, will not be held liable for the damages and loss that may result from delayed delivery and/or failure to deliver goods, in particular, loss of profit or any damages or loss resulting from the delayed or lost production that the Client may suffer as a result of the delay.

3.7. In the event of a justified error in the delivery, MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, will only accept returns in relation to products that are unopened, and which are intact.

  1. Reservation of Ownership Clause

4.1. The supplied goods, without prejudice to the fact that they are in direct possession of the Client, will remain the property of MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U. until the total price has been paid. The Buyer cannot pledge or assign the goods as a guarantee to third parties, whether as a real guarantee or personal guarantee, whatever the means, until they have been completely paid for. Until this happens, the Client will keep the goods in perfect condition and identify them, where appropriate, as the property of MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U. Exercising reservation of ownership will not imply a waiver of the requirement to comply with the contract nor to the compensation of losses and damage.

4.2. However, in the event of failure to comply with the prohibition to assign, and without prejudice to the actions that may have taken place, the Client expressly grants, by virtue of this document, as a guarantee of any credit vis-à-vis this incompliance to MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, the credit that they earn from third parties as a consequence of the transmission or transformation, total or partial, of the goods whose price has not been totally paid.

4.3. In the event of an embargo or any other form of intervention by a third party on goods whose price has not been completely paid, the Client should expressly outline the existence of this reservation of ownership and immediately inform MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, in writing.

  1. Assurance Standards. Limitation of Liability.

5.1. The Client will use the goods and/or product under their own responsibility MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U will not be held liable for the consequences that may result from improper use by the Client, and/or any third parties.

  1. Right of withdrawal.

6.1. The buyer must pay the direct return costs and pay compensation for any flaws in the product. In order to make the return, the goods need to be in perfect condition and unopened. The Client returning the purchased goods must do so with the original packaging, if they do so through a delivery company.The Client must ensure that the manufacturer’s original packaging is not damaged, tampered with or damaged in any way. MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, reserves the right to carry out prior analysis of the goods before accepting the return.

6.2. The Client can make the return personally or through a delivery company. MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI S.L.U. will examine the contents, in order to verify that the goods are in perfect condition, before accepting them. Under no circumstances does the receipt of returned goods amount to acceptance or compliance with the condition of the goods; therefore, MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, will have a period of 15 days in order to show the Client damage to the returned product. and the Client must pay compensation for said damage.

6.3. MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, has the power to suspend and/or cancel the delivery of goods, or where appropriate, to withdraw and/or terminate the Contract, without this making it liable in any way for damages and losses (including loss of profit), if the Client is affected, voluntarily or involuntarily, by any kind of liquidation, insolvency, bankruptcy, lack of legal capacity, non-payment of exchange rate effects or any other indicator of deterioration to the Client’s assets.

  1. Use of the client’s data

7.1. The Client authorises MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, to use their data in the commercial relationship as a necessary requirement in order to contract certain services, and to grant the data to other companies that it in turn has group or commercial relations with, without prejudice to the right to access, cancel or rectify that can be exercised by the Client at any point and through any means, at the email address

  1. Applicable Law

8.1. These General Conditions are governed by and will be interpreted in compliance with Spanish Law.

8.2. Except in the cases outlined in current legislation, where it lacks the jurisdiction, the parties are subject to the Courts of Gipuzkoa, in order to resolve any dispute that may arise from the interpretation, application, compliance, etc. of this contract.

8.3. The possible nullity, total or partial, of some of the General or Particular Conditions, will not impact on the validity of the contract itself, and it is necessary to integrate the will of the parties in relation to the null clause, with the other Conditions still applying in their entirety.

8.4. The Client declares that they know the content of this contract not only because it is written on the invoice, but also because the General Conditions outlined on it are on display to the public at the premises of MAQUINAS PNEUMATICAS ROTATIVAS XXI, S.L.U, as well as at the website