There is no doubt that the Environment is an area that society is increasingly aware of, and this impacts directly on people, companies and institutions as they aim to create healthier environments and processes for our cities, companies, houses and in general, daily habitats.

It is for that reason that the installation of our pumps and blowers are increasingly used, they are more renowned, and above all, in demand after many years showing our applications to be one of the crucial parts in plants for the purification, treatment and desalination of water, in both urban and industrial environments. The uses are wide ranging and some of them and critical, requiring certified teams with experience, for example; oxygenation of ponds, cleaning filters, MBR and others.

Now, not only is water a key and extensive part of this sector, so too are applications on municipal solid waste (MSW), the neutralisation of harmful gas emissions (such as CO2), and others…

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