MAPNER has always had a very harmonious relationship with engineers, probably because it has good products strengthened over many years of collaborations, and especially because the work and understanding among our engineers is always based around quality and clarity, which allows for team work that is difficult to surpass.

In this way, from specification engineering through to detail and implementation, fluent and clear communication is maintained regarding the work specification, application and service for the necessary equipment for applications with Air and Gas, as well as Pressure and Vacuum solutions.

We work regularly with engineers that are leaders in different sectors such as: The Environment, Water, Cement, Lime and Plaster, Energy, Mining, Chemistry, Petrochemistry, and the processes industry in general.

In order to help collect data, over the years, MAPNER has created some templates for the environment specifications that allow us to correctly size the required equipment. Ask your Technical Sales Agent



  • Pressure and Vacuum Questionnaire