MAPNER has very special links with Industry, bearing in mind that it was its first market of activity at the outset and that it is also currently one of the most important. Over the course of 85 years of experience with different engineering offices and projects with industries, as well as maintenance departments, we have developed a great link of synergies and we adapt to the different needs of industries and clients.
All of this has required us to continuously and successfully adapt, which has helped us to continuously better ourselves due to the high level of demand from industrial clients.
Similarly, today we are ready to tackle new challenges, in a changing market that is more international than ever where we have developed an extensive network of committed and skilled Partners, with different certification levels adapted to the products and needs of priority regions:

1/ Europa and North Africa.
2/ North, Central and South America.
3/ The Middle East.

You can contact our different regional Agents using the following link.

You can support the collection of data that MAPNER has gathered over the years using templates for the environment that allow us to correctly size the required equipment. Ask your Technical Sales Agent



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