Rotary Pistons

Rotary Pistons

Description and applications: Trilobular rotary pistons are used to create a robust and efficient machine that is capable of transferring large flows at low pressures or vacuums, they are especially useful in different applications for Water Treatment, as well as in very diverse Industrial Processes (Oxygenation, Cleaning, Ovens...)

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Operating Principe

Operating Principe Rotary Pistons

The rotary piston blower is crucially comprised of a stator, which houses two symmetrical pistons, in the form of three toothed gears that turn in the opposite direction and at a uniform speed.

The fluid to be transported penetrates into the chamber comprised of the stator and the pistons, and when the pistons turn they move the fluid towards the compression nozzle. The final pressure of the service depends solely on the resistance to be overcome through friction on the fluid ducts and the specific usage services.

Maintaining constant pressure and increasing the speed of the blower, proportionally increases the flow of the impelled fluid. The absorbed power adjusts automatically to the real working pressure, avoiding unnecessary energy consumption.


ATEX Solutions

Our rotary piston equipment is certified under the ATEX directive 94/9/EC, a necessary requirement in order for it to be installed in places where potentially explosive atmospheres can form.

An explosive atmosphere is determined as the mixture of air with a fuel in the form of gas, vapour, clouds or dust, in such a proportion that excessive temperature, electric parts, sparks or another source of ignition with sufficient energy could cause it to explode.