Side Channel

Side Channel

Description and applications: Using blades, this small and very silent machine can be integrated into compact solutions; it is particularly applicable to very different Industrial Processes as well as to compact solutions for Water Treatments and solutions with Biogas.

Functioning Range

Side Channel Functioning Range


Fluidos de Canal Lateral

Fluidos leyenda

Operating Principe


Side Channel perating Principe

The blower or side channel extractor increases the pressure of the gas sucked in by creating, in the peripheral toroidal chamber, a series of whirlwinds caused by the centrifugal thrust of the rotor. When the rotor turns, the blades push the gas forwards and also outwards due to the centrifugal force, producing a helicoidal movement.

During this movement, the gas is once again compressed several times with the subsequent increase in linear pressure along the channel.


ATEX Solutions

For the intake or compression of combustible gases, such as biogas or methane gas, there is a complete range of airtight side channel blowers with the following characteristics:

  • Body and impeller manufactured entirely from spark-proof aluminium alloy.
  • The parts that come into contact with the gas are impregnated with Loctite.
  • sealed ends.
  • Shaft sealed with a special lip seal that does not require lubrication.
  • Electric flame-proof engines, with a minimum protection class of EEx-d IIB T.3-IP 55. The engines comply with NEMA and SABS regulation and other Standards that can be supplied upon request. For engines of powers of up to 4KW, the machines are manufactured as the version named “MONOBLOC”.
  • In this version the engine is joined to the body of the machine by a flange; the impeller which is dynamically balanced, is fastened onto the engine directly.