Mapner wants to note its strong commitment to the environment, and how it works to reduce waste as much as possible. For that purpose, it has managed to increase the recyclability percentage of the products it manufactures, as well as correctly treat, working alongside waste managers authorised by relevant governments, the waste that is created during the manufacturing process.

ReciclajeBy doing so, the company maintains its strong commitment to the environment, which is clearly specified through the following aims:

  • Obtain an increase in the recyclability percentage of manufactured products.
  • Optimise our industrial processes, in order to achieve a maximum reduction of waste produced.
  • Carry out correct treatment on that waste, whose management is guaranteed by our own Integrated Management System.

Currently, Mapner has an Integrated Management Plan that guarantees the correct management of waste. Work is being carried out on certification, by doing this we want to record the tasks that are being carried out in aid of the environment and show our commitment to it.