The development of our own products and a collaborative and participative way of working alongside our clients, forms the basis of our knowledge. We make all of this knowledge available to Industrial and Public markets, using targeted solutions with several and varied integrators.

This know-how accumulated over the years is the starting point for our philosophy of ongoing guidance, applied to the design of new products that satisfy new challenge and market needs.

If there is one idea that summarises the spirit of Mapner, that is it. For us, personalised care is about dedication to our clients, it is about the ability to offer technical criteria, it is about a vocation to service and a sense of pride in work carried out well. Customised care is knowledge made available to clients, it is about an attitude of willingness and being competitive in a global market, it is about providing the criteria for the right solution. However, above all, it is specialisation and commitment to what we do and those that place their trust in us.


In short, everything is about know-how backed by people and a skilled team of staff where the interlocutors make all of our mechanical, hydraulic and management knowledge available. We are here to serve you, do not think twice about getting in touch..