Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The Management of Máquinas Pneumáticas Rotativas XXI, S.L.U. (MAPNER):

  1. With the aim of attaining the level of competitiveness that is demanded by the market in relation to the challenges that we face today.
  2. The obligation to comply with laws and regulations.
  3. A higher level of demand from Clients.
  4. A responsibility to look after the Health and Wellbeing of Workers.
  5. Environmental protection.

It encompasses the areas of Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention, Environmental Protection and the Protection of sensitive data, as the fundamental pillar of all the activities that are carried out at MAPNER, and it should be considered as a reference to take into account for the attainment of the set aims.

To that end, the Company management, undertakes to:

· Comply at all times with current Regulations and Legislation, in terms of Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention, Environmental Protection and Personal Data Protection, as well as the requirements of the interested parties.

· Consider Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention and Environmental Protection as crucial elements for the responsible and sustainable implementation of MAPNER´s activities in a competitive and globalized market environment.

· Ensure the availability of resources, both human and material, for the proper advancement of the Integrated System, based on the system for Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention, Environmental Protection and Data Protection.

· Promote the ongoing improvement of the integrated Management system implemented at MAPNER, control and periodically drive forward its development. Setting targets and improvement actions.

· Have the Integrated System reviewed by the Management, as many times as deemed necessary, but in any case at least once a year, with the aim of checking that its effectiveness and suitability are constantly maintained, and verify compliance with the objectives established annually. For the purpose of ensuring that the different Policies are understood, applied and kept up-to-date by all levels of the organisation, all company staff will be made aware of it so that every Manager is familiar with the requirements of the Integrated System and knows the content of the sections that affect their processes, and they are responsible for compliance and informing all staff under them about what has been established.

In view of all this and with MAPNER considering the need to drive forward the implementation of an Integrated Management Policy, in which all the agents working at MAPNER are actively involved in, Management, Middle Management, Operators, joint action will be carried out so that:

· It will contribute to improving the best performance of the assigned tasks.

· All the necessary measures for work safety, the prevention of occupational risk prevention and looking after health will be strictly observed.

· It will promote environmental protection, for the products manufactured as well as the processes used, thus preventing pollution, rationalising the use of resources and recycling the waste generated.

· Information coming from external and internal clients will be handled as a source for the detection of opportunities to improve our Integrated Management system.

· It will promote the Protection of sensitive data, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.

· The professional training of the agents involved will be promoted as a tool for Ongoing Improvement, thus contributing to incentivizing the responsibility of all involved in relation to Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention and Environmental Protection.

The Integrated System described in this Manual has the total support of the Management and has been developed under the direct supervision of this Management, however, on the other hand, the Company has created the role of Manager of the Integrated System, whose role is to define and be responsible for the effectiveness of the System. The authority that is granted to the System Manager, is directly delegated by the Director General, therefore they are given the responsibility, authority and necessary independence, as well as the commitment to be provided with the necessary technical and human resources in order to carry out the delegated work.

The Person Responsible for the Integrated System that encompasses the different areas involved (Quality, ORP, Environment and Data Protection), is authorised by the company Management to organise and direct the implementation of the Integrated System, advise Management about the different areas that it covers, and also to stop any activity that is not being carried out in compliance with the requirements established in the Integrated System, which are outlined in this Manual.

MAPNER., will guide the different Quality, Occupational Risk Prevention, Environmental Protection and Data Protection, thus forming an integrated system and aiming this at satisfying the expectations of different Clients, as well as complying with different regulations and laws, as a unifying and crucial element that will ensure the success of the company.

In witness whereof, this document is signed, in Astigarraga, on 1 August 2017.