Likewise, and with the aim of offering the maximum guarantees of trustworthiness, Mapner collaborates with prestigious Associations that contribute to its know-how.


Fluidex s the Spanish Association of Manufacturers and Exporters of Equipment for the Handling of Fluids. It carries out promotion and communication work in support of the marketing of the products and services of its associates.


Adegi is the Association of Entrepreneurs in Gipuzkoa. It is an association that promotes the defence of business interests, and it offers services of added value and agrees beneficial terms for its associates.


Next Turbo Since 2015, Mapner has developed a solid strategic alliance with the company NextTurbo, to jointly develop the product and market in the Spanish-speaking region (Spain, Portugal and Latin America). In this way, the incorporation of turbocharger technology, robust and efficient, based on standards, is expanded and consolidated.